Studio update: Almost there!

Summer 2017 was very busy for Daedric Tales. Our last show was in June and immediately after that we hit the studio in order to record our two new CDs Cult Of Ashes and The Divine Menace. Now we want to share some news with you and reveal some new information about this huge project in today’s update.


“Dad, are we there yet?”

“Patience, kid. Only a few more weeks.” Our EP Cult Of Ashes will most likely release on schedule by the end of October. We already revealed tracklist and artwork, but now we want to reveal some more stuff. There will be a lyric video of the EP’s title track and since the Symphonic War Night in June 2017 we all know the mad guitar skills of Welicoruss guitarist Gojko Maric. Since he literally lives for music Gojko accepted our invitation to play a solo on the track Skinstriders. Cult Of Ashes will offer countless great moments, wonderful surprises and enough power for you to love it. The perfect warm-up for our first full length album The Divine Menace.


Studio Progress

A lot of the work is already done. Alex recorded her vocals, Aryan and Daniel punched in their guitars and Griller battered the drums hard. The overall sound already is pretty dope. Up next are Matze with his bass and Steiner’s lead guitars. Next week a choir will visit Franky’s studio and add even more epicness to Daedric Tales’ new releases. Meanwhile Gonzalo is working on the orchestra tracks and we love what he has come up with.

We have a few more surprises regarding the line-up of The Divine Menace, but that is for another update in the near future 😉
Meanwhile make sure to check out our webstore and our tour dates.

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