City : Vienna
Venue : Aera
Address : Gonzagagasse 11, 1010 Wien
Time : 19:00

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Symphonic War Night

The Russian wonders of Symphonic Pagan Metal Welicoruss are back in Vienna and share the stage with us – This is a very exciting tour date! A lineup like this won’t ever come again. Powerful power metal on the one side and brutal pagan and black metal on the other. A synergy that can’t get better!

A fistful of awesomeness in this Symphonic War Night

  • Welicoruss from the Czech Republic are former Siberians and know their genre as well as the wolves know the siberian tundra. Pagan metal crossed with symphonic metal to form an unforgettable experience.
  • Daedric Tales is obviously us. We play symphonic power metal and guide you through a fantastic world full of epic tales and tragic fates at high velocity. Our vocalist Alexandra Kastrinakis will show you how beautiful metal can become.
  • Alphayn is a powerful Heathen Metal band with the vocalist of the almighty Heathen Foray! They perform solid and classic pagan metal. If that does not convince you, the hurdy gurdy sure will.
  • Obsidian Chamber plays a classy mixture of Black Metal and Symphonic Metal. More than enough to get us excited! A noble mixture of classic teachniques such as blast beats and avant garde influences as well as symphonic elements. This makes Obsidian Chamber an excellent addition to the Symphonic War Night.
  • Knights Errant sum up the different styles of this lineup by mixing lovely and harsh vocals and powerful metal riffs. These Knights won’t only kick butts by playing their music, but their appearance and performance on stage is uniquie too. Together they will open the Symphonic War Night in the most immersive way.

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PS: Top secret investigators told us that Daedric Tales will most likely play a brand new song. Don’t tell anyone though 😉