City : Online
Venue : Twitch
Address : https://www.twitch.tv/captain_yar
Time : 19:00


Daedric Tales was busy the years after Hircine’s Call. We recorded and released a new single for free to show you the direction of what is yet to come. With the help of our lovely backers we were able to fund the two CDs that form our big saga which will be Daedric Tales’ big new milestone: Cult Of Ashes & The Divine Menace! Now we invite you to celebrate with us during the official Online Cult Of Ashes Release Stream.

Cult Of Ashes Release

Online Cult Of Ashes Release Show

We prepared an open access online stream for all of you fans out there. Just tune in to Twitch on the 12th of December and listen to what your favorite septette from Austria has accomplished with the help of friends, fans and Franky (our audio engineer for this giant project). Also we will tell you a little bit about the ideas and processes that lead to our brand new release. Members of the band will talk and interact with you in real time, so if you want to be a part of the show, we invite you to use the chat feature of Twitch during the event.

Streaming Times

All times are given in UTC, so make sure you convert it to your time zone. We will stream three times so people across the west coast, europe/africa/middle east and the far east will be able to join our stream at a comfortable time.

  1. Stream: 10:00 UTC, December 12th
  2. Stream: 18:00 UTC, December 12th
  3. Stream: 02:00 UTC, December 13th


If you want to win one of three download keys for Cult Of Ashes, make sure to tag two friends in the discussion section of the official facebook event. We will draw one winner live during every stream.