Sleepers Awake
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Daedric Tales — Sleepers Awake
Release date : May. 08, 2016
  1. Sleepers Awake


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Sleepers Awake is our newest single and an apology to you for being inactive in terms of releases. Regardless of being free we have put a lot of effort into this song to create an epic and heartwarming (implying you’re a psychomaniac who supports Dagoth Ur) listening experience. So have this track and keep looking forward to our upcoming EP and album – yes, it is in the making (finally!) 🙂 You can support the creation of this big double release project by supporting our Indiegogo campaign.

Sleepers Awake is out now!

Stream it, get it, have it!

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We want to thank and mention the awesome cosplayer Isugi who modeled the ash ghoul of the artwork and the photographer Evgeniy Nakryshskiy who took and edited the shot. Make sure to check out their other pieces too. Another big thank you goes to Mia Rechberger for taking care of the font arrangements.

Sleepers Awake was recorded by Gonzalo Bevilacqua and mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert.
MWritten by Aryan Havrest, Jakob Steiner and Gonzalo Bevilacqua.
Lyrics by Aryan Havrest and Alexandra Kastrinakis
© 2016 Daedric Tales