Hircine’s Call
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Daedric Tales — Hircine's Call
Release date : Apr. 20, 2013
  1. Intro
  2. At The Gates
  3. The Red Mountain
  4. The Dragonborn
  5. Rain


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Hircine’s Call was our first release and received a lot of positive resonance around the internet as well as worldwide. We want to be honest with you, so we will admit that we did not expect any sort of impact after releasing the EP. Knowing that you will understand how surprised we were when the Japanese music store S.A. Music contacted us and ordered a huge box of Hircine’s Call. An even bigger surprise was when we got the message that the whole stock was sold out after 19 days. If that isn’t enough to convince you, check out Sorrow Eternal’s review of our release.

Hircine's Call in Japan

Our EP Hircine’s Call in Japan’s S.A. Music Store

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Review of Hircine’s Call

“Looking to make music that was both rich, and appropriately epic given the subject matter, they take on the stance as characters, retelling stories of conquest and battle. As bizarre as that may sound to an outsider, it works in the most profound of ways. And as the band invites you into their world, there is no prerequisite for enjoyment.”
Sorrow Eternal – 9/10


We want to thank the talented artist Linda Kindt who is working under the alias of Isriana for creating the wonderful cover artwork. Also Gillian Renk is to be mentioned, as she drew the character artworks in the booklet. The photo of the band inside of the booklet was shot and edited by Felix Mitterer. The booklet itself was designed by Santiago Bevilacqua.
Daedric Tales also owes big thank to the wonderful choir in The Dragonborn and to Stephan Clark for playing the drums on this release.

Hircine’s Call was recorded by Konstantin Davy at Downfall Studio and by Daniel Stockinger and Gonzalo Bevilacqua at Dragon Records.
Mix by Frank Pitters at Wild One
Mastering by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio
Music by Aryan Havrest and Gonzalo Bevilacqua.
Lyrics by Aryan Havrest
©2013 Daedric Tales