Cult Of Ashes
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Daedric Tales — Cult Of Ashes
Release date : Dec. 12, 2016
  1. Chapter I: Cult Of Ashes
  2. Chapter II: Skinstriders
  3. Sleepers Awake (Acoustic Version)
  4. Rain (Acoustic Version)
  5. Rite Of The Wolf Giver


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Daedric Tales has always been telling stories. We thought for our first full length album we might as well go complete nuts and provide a big tale that takes two CDs to tell. This is how the idea of this EP Cult Of Ashes and our album The Divine Menace was born.

Bigger, better, more bad-ass!

We knew that such a big production would be very expensive and a huge amount of work. And we also knew that we wanted it to sound better than any of our releases before. That is why we asked our fans to help us raise funds for this project on indiegogo – and it helped a lot! We started recording as soon as possible and it did not take long until we noticed that the outcome would be way bigger than we expected it to be.

Our five track EP Cult Of Ashes is a prologue to the saga, which will be continued and concluded in The Divine Menace. When putting up the two CDs next to each other their artworks will blend into each other and form a beautiful unity.

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We want to thank all the friendly backers for helping us out with funding this big project by supporting us on our IndieGogo campaign.
Especially the three Members Of The Tribunal who helped us most:

Jerryd Sherlock

Matthias Blauensteiner

Arturo Bevilacqua

We also want to thank Alexey Rudikov for creating this beautiful piece of art that we now use for our cover. The photos in the booklet were shot by Markus Wetzlmayr. The booklet itself was designed by Santiago Bevilacqua.

Furthermore without the performances of Ross Thompson, Sarah, Mathias Einberger, Johannes Gschweidl and Frank Pitters on the choir the epicness would not have been that prominent. Thank you very much.

Tracks 1 & 2 were recorded and mixed by Frank Pitters at Silverline Music
Tracks 3-5 were recorded and mixed by Gonzalo Bevilacqua at Dragon Records
All tracks were mastered by Frank Pitters
Music by Daedric Tales
Lyrics by Alexandra Kastrinakis and Aryan Havrest
©2016 Daedric Tales