Cult Of Ashes Release Delayed

This week Daedric Tales’ miraculous bag of surprises and wonders will bestow good and bad news upon us. Because we have had a lot of good news in the past few months, we want to start with the bad stuff.

Cult Of Ashes Release Delayed

Unfortunately we had to postpone some minor works regarding the production of our brand new EP Cult Of Ashes. Thus we won’t be able to release the CD by the end of October. Instead we are aiming for December 12th (might just make a nice christmas present). We want you to know that we could rush the whole project and kick the disc out on the market, but Daedric Tales are not the type of people who will disgrace their fanbase with unfinished or half-assed products. The band thinks that would be a shameless insult to everyone who was so honest to actually buy the CD. We delayed the release because we care about you and want you to get a product worth listening to.


And now for the good news

The first full length album The Divine Menace (featuring guests such as Morean from Dark Fortress, Ross Thompson from Van Canto and Georg Neuhauser from Serenity) will release on time. Yubikiri – That is a promise!

Also pre-order for Cult Of Ashes will start next Monday (October 24th) only on Bandcamp! On the actual day of release the EP will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and many other digital distributors. Isn’t that grand?

Until the next update, stay metal \m/


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