Cult Of Ashes – Details and Artwork

By mid July we finished recording the main and backing vocals, sung by Alexandra. Tomorrow Aryan will tackle the rhythm guitars and push the whole recording of our EP Cult Of Ashes and the first Daedric Tales full length album The Divine Menace forward. This means that Gonzalo will probably upload another vlog on his channel and you will see (and hear) some new footage. Until then we want to share a few details about the release that is to come first.

Cult Of Ashes – Hard Facts

As already stated in a previous update the tracklist is as follows:

  1. Chapter I: Cult Of Ashes
  2. Chapter II: Skinstriders
  3. Sleepers Awake (Acoustic Version)
  4. Rain (Acoustic Version)
  5. Rite Of The Wolf Giver

Our EP’s approximate playtime will be 25 minutes, while the two saga related songs Cult Of Ashes and Skinstriders will make up half of it. The three acoustic tracks including campfire versions of Sleepers Awake¬†and Rain as well as the new newly written Rite Of The Wolf Giver make up the second half.

Take a seat, for it is storytime

It is long known that Daedric Tales commissioned Alexey Rudikov – who has a long history with Elder Scrolls fanart – with painting the artwork for the two upcoming CDs. Today the cover art for the first of these two releases officially is published. One can see the red mountain raging and bringing ash storms over Vvardenfell. Nevertheless the ancient Dwemer Ruins that were built on the volcano’s cliffs still stand proudly and mightily, like a monument of strength. This suggests the focus of the story that will be started in the Cult Of Ashes and continued as well as closed in The Divine Menace.

The foresight

So far everything is going according to plan. We are aiming to release the EP in October 2017 and host a special CD release show. If you are living too far away from our hometown Vienna, fear no more! Daedric Tales will stream and chat with you in real time during the event, so make sure to mark it in your calendar. The preparations of the rewards for our lovely Indiegogo backers is going well too. In a future update we will showcase some of them. Until then enjoy the beautiful magic of Alexey!

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