Cult Of Ashes Title Track Lyric Video Released

Only nine more days and Cult Of Ashes is out. Believe it or not, but pre-orders on Bandcamp are running really well and a lot of magazines are quite hyped for this little EP of ours. If you are not among the happy people, who already secured their copy, there are three things you can do. Let’s get this annoying buzzfeed style list going.

1. Listen to Hircine’s Call

Yes, we have improved a lot since 2013 and no, Hircine’s Call is not representative of what we are capable of in the current year, but somehow it still got a crazy 9/10 rating on Sorrow Eternal and that is a nice thing. So you can listen to Hircine’s Call and decide for yourself wheather it deserves that rating or not and imagine how much better Cult Of Ashes is going to be. In fact a lot of the people who discovered us recently due to our new lyric video did not only pre-order our upcoming CDs, but also bought our 2013 EP.


2. A lot of magazines are eager to hear more. They must be right, I guess.

So to give ourselves a reality check, here is this: Daedric Tales is a tiny band, compared to the international industry that is prospering with diversity. Thus it is very unlikely that any magazine will show up randomly and review your EP with a crazy 9/10 rating (Yes, we love you forevery, Sorrow Eternal). So to get your news and songs out there as an artist, you need to actively send out your information to a lot of pages. In doing so we apparently met the taste of a few contacts who shared our stuff, so other people who we did not contact got noticed too – basically a promo cascade, nothing unusual going on here.

What in fact is unusual, is the following statement:

“Not only is the song “Chapter I: Cult Of Ashes” a preview for the band’s 2016 EP Cult of Ashes but the whole EP is a preview to the band’s 2017 record which immerses itself in Elder Scrolls lore. the preview track for this shows a competent blend of symphonic metal with a direction and focus which seems larger than the band.”

Hollywood Metal

This is the long way to say: get it!

3. Actually listen to the title track

There you have it. Listen to it. Enjoy the great artwork. Let the lyrics bestow their magic upon you. Embrace the heavyness. Let the orchestra embrace you. Give in to Alex’ voice. Get shredded by Daniel’s solo. Be left paralysed by the orchestral break. Feel the modulation. Click the buttons on the ending screen and get your copy, because you just had three good reasons to do so.

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