The first instrument I played was the recorder in a musical school at the age of six. Eight years later I suddenly felt like learning the electric bass. My little brother instantly copied me and started learning the electric guitar, but cast away the idea a few months later – just like little brothers sometimes do. I picked up the guitar additionally, since it was there already and started jamming every now and then.

A couple of years later the idea of founding a band dedicated to my favourite game series came to my mind. I asked Steiner and Mathias to join this cause, since I thought they both might be interested. After some time the line-up became stable, resulting in the current one.

My first two or three bands sucked pretty much, but practice makes perfect – even though I am still far from perfect. The bands that followed were On Concrete (2009-2012), Nuclear Monstrosity (2010-now) and Squirrels with Lightsabers (still active, I just quit the band because of university), which were projects that I enjoyed or am still enjoying and really proud of.


Birthday: May 27th

Equipment: Guitar: Ibanez RG 321 MH with DiMarzio D Activator Bridge;  Amplifier: Engl Fireball 100

Influences: Whatever I feel like

Favourite bands: Impaled, CocoRosie, Gorerotted

Favourite album: Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding

Favourite games: Morrowind, Beyond Good & Evil, Persona 4

Favourite food: Anything with onions, cheese, bacon and potatoes in it

Other interests: Video games, eating & chemistry