Growing up in Vienna I early discovered my passion for music and soon got into musical education, my first instrument being the recorder. After a few years I came across the sound of an oboe at a musical school concert and I instantly knew that I had found my favourite. Until this day the oboe and I haven’t parted ways and I still enjoy playing it as much as ever.

Singing always was a part of my life too, but didn’t become prominent until I entered secondary school. There my music teacher heard me sing and suggested I should join the school’s choir. During my years in the choir I learned a lot and developed my passion for singing. ¬†Around the same time I joined my first band and in the course of the following years I continued to sing in various bands. Moreover I started vocal training and got to know my own voice better.

After having a break from being in a band, in 2012 I decided that it was time to look for a Symphonic Metal band in my vicinity. Turned out the internet was quite a useful place to do so and eventually I became the vocalist of Daedric Tales!

Birthday: September 2nd

Equipment: Shure SM 58 Beta

Influences: Classical music, Symphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Favourite bands: Angtoria, D, Leprous (and more)

Favourite album: Neo Culture ~Beyond the World~ – D

Favourite food:  sushi, vegetable curry, vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian cuisine

Other interests: studying foreign languages, wearing alternative fashion, reading