The Divine Menace

Daedric Tales — The Divine Menace
Release date : Feb. 25, 2017

Currently Cult Of Ashes and The Divine Menace are being recorded. We want to thank all the friendly backers for helping us out with funding this big project by supporting us on our IndieGogo campaign.

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Cult Of Ashes

Daedric Tales — Cult Of Ashes
Release date : Dec. 12, 2016

Cult Of Ashes is part one of a two part saga and tells a tale of three mortals achieving godhood and falling from the stars. This EP features two chapters of this story and three acoustic songs.

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Sleepers Awake

Daedric Tales — Sleepers Awake
Release date : May. 08, 2016

A new era has begun! Sleepers Awake is the harbinger of a big saga with two new CDs: Get to know the Cult Of Ashes and The Divine Menace!

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Hircine’s Call

Daedric Tales — Hircine's Call
Release date : Apr. 20, 2013

Our powerful debut EP. Five beautifully orchestrated tracks tell epic tales from a fantastic world. Don't miss out on this CD!

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